September 11, 2015

Hamlet Condominium Association


              Hamlet Trash Rules & Mascaro info

    Trash shall not be put out at curbside before 6 pm on the evening prior to the appointed pick-up days.  All trash receptacles must be put away by 8 am the morning following the day trash is picked-up.  Household trash must be in a trash can or a trash bag which is tied.  Between pick-ups, all trash cans or containers and recyclable containers shall be kept out of the site line from the street and shall not be visible from the street or stored on the front porch.

    All trash and household refuse shall be kept in covered cans or plastic trash bags.  Trash and household refuse shall not be kept in paper bags.  Untied or unbagged newspapers are prohibited.

    Trash Removal, Recycling & Bulk pick up are on Monday in Hamlet.  If Monday is a Holiday, pick up will be Tuesday.  Yard waste pick up is on Tuesday (April 1st thru December 15th.).                                                       Call Mascaro at 800-432-1616 ahead for Bulk pickups or if you have questions.


Thank you in advance for following the Hamlet rules.

Non-compliance - $50-$100 Fine per occurrence.

The Hamlet Executive Board